Stall Requirments

Product Information

We welcome all farmers to apply to any of our farmers' markets. We also encourage food artisans, catering and other value-add and farm and food related products. Product must come directly from farmers and artisans and catering must use some local ingredients. Each stall must have a direct link back to a farmer.

Some of our markets may include a 'Purely Local and Handcrafted' Market as well. Local and hand made goods are welcome to apply.

1.    I have attached a copy of my current Certificate of Product and Public Liability Insurance, and
2.    I have attached a copy of my current WorkCover Insurance Certificate, and
3.    I have attached copies of any other licences, certificates and permits as required by government regulations and legislation
4.    I have read, understood and agree to the MLFFM Stallholder Terms and Conditions
5.    All produce to be sold by me/us at MLFFM will at all times comply with the Australian Farmers’ Market guidelines.
6.    I agree to representatives of MLFFM contacting me and/or visiting my premises at a mutually convenient time;
7.    I acknowledge, that should I breach the Stallholder Terms and Conditions, that my Stallholder Application may be cancelled and my business may be removed from the list of perspective stallholders;
8.    I acknowledge the right of the MLFFM to verify any information provided by me.

Stallholders will be sent a tax invoice once the market management has approved them.
All fees are to be paid in advance online via direct bank deposit

Fees (inc GST)

Wednesday markets:

Permanent rate: Unpowered 3m x 3m stall is $45.00 per market.

Permanent rate: 6m x 3m stall is $60 per market
Casual rate: Unpowered 3m x 3m stall is $49.50 per market.

Power: $7.50 per lead

Saturday stallholders may attend the mid-week markets free-of-charge.

Larger stalls on request

Saturday markets:

Permanent rate: Unpowered 3m x 3m stall is $62.50 per market

6 x 3 - $110

9 x 3 - $155

Power: $10 per lead

Applicant Information

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