My Local Feast currently runs farmers' markets in two locations in Toowoomba, every single week.

Every Wednesday at the Empire Theatre at 54-56 Neil Street, Toowoomba. These markets start at 2pm and go until 6pm. Includes through School Holidays.

Every Saturday markets are held beside Cobb & Co museum at 27 Lindsay Street, East Toowoomba. Start times are 7am - 12pm.

The farmers' markets only close for two weeks at Christmas time and if there are severe weather warnings and road closures. If it's raining please wear your gum boots, but our farmers love rain, so we do too (even on Wednesdays and Saturdays...). Please continue to support them because every

During Carnival of Flowers we will have special guests and a theme of a "Blooming Feast".

Thank you for choosing to support local farmers.

If you have any queries please call Josie on 0475 703 643.